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It is our intent to assist families whose children stay for lunch offering a well-organized and well-supervised lunch hour program.

Students bring their own lunches and are supervised in their classroom. They then enjoy a recess outside, weather permitting.


The new fee schedule is:

   $10.40 per month per child

   $  1.00 per day drop-in fee (coupons for drop-ins are sold in packs of 10.

Payment is required by sending 10 post-dated cheques made out to Brander Gardens School.  Students who are going to use the drop-in fee must present a coupon to the lunch room supervisor.  These coupons may either be purchased in packs of 10 or purchased one at a time from the school office prior to lunch time.

Students who travel by yellow bus to Brander Gardens or who are living within the busing designated area for Brander Gardens, are not charged lunch fees as Board Policy states that schools shall provide lunch accommodation for students attending their designated receiving school from areas in which schools have not been built.